Starting January 4th, Hope City church is asking your family to join in a 21 day long prayer and fasting event. We’re starting off 2021 dedicating 21 days to seeking God.
Follow our social media accounts @Realhopenow on Facebook or Instagram to see the prayer topic and scripture for the day. This calendar also shows you the prayer topics for each day of the month. Save it as your phone’s background or print it out and keep it in your bible! 

What is fasting?

If you’re new to faith and have never fasted before, you might have questions about fasting. Click here to learn why we fast and why it’s such an important part of our faith. 

How do I begin?

All food? Some food? When? For how long? These are all questions we want to help you answer in our beginners guide to fasting. 

What should I eat?

We’ve collected some great Daniel fast recipes here that will help your whole family enjoy fasting!