Our Pastor

Pastor Jason comes from four generations of pastors and preachers and has been serving in the local church since he felt called into the ministry at 18 years of age. He served as a student and worship pastor in Atlanta and Louisiana before moving to Louisville in 2005. Pastor Jason loves teaching the Bible, and he works hard to explain it in a way that everyone can understand and apply. Jason also works hard not to take himself too seriously by coaching kid’s soccer and watching as many princess movies with his daughters as possible.

Jason is married to his wife Andrea, and they have 2 daughters, Sadie and Norah, and 2 sons, Solomon and Ezekiel. Jason and Andrea love the local church and have been serving in the local church since they met as teenagers at a Sunday Night church service.

Pastor/Church Leader?

Pastor Jason has a website with blogs, resources, and a podcast for church leaders called excellentpastor.com


Pastor Jason has written multiple books. His most recent one is called, “Daily Faith: 101 Devotions and Stories to Help You Connect with God.”

Angela’s Hope Story

After the end of a serious relationship Angela decided it was time to pursue God. She accepted an invite to Hope City Church from a classmate and the rest is history.

Hope City Church shares Real Hope so people like Angela can experience Real Life.